Visiting BIOS


Visiting Groups and Students

Studying abroad at BIOS, whether for three-week course or a semester-long internship, offers students the opportunity to participate in experiential learning and research training programs while living at a working research station.

To ensure your stay is rewarding, please take a moment to review the information on the following page prior to your trip. You may be required to complete and submit forms in advance of your stay. For more information, or if you have any questions, please use the program contacts listed on the page.

Visiting Group and Student Forms

Fee Schedule and Information

Visiting Scientists

Since its founding in 1903 as a field station on Flatt's Inlet, we have welcomed visiting scientists who come from around the world to take advantage of the Institute's proximity to open-ocean environments, as well as other resources such as the Tudor Hill Marine Atmospheric Observatory and the Mid-Atlantic Glider Initiative and Collaboration (MAGIC).

Depending on the purpose and duration of your visit, you may be required to complete additional documents prior to your trip, especially if you plan on SCUBA diving or collecting scientific samples. Please visit the following page and complete the applicable forms.

Visiting Scientist Forms