Ship Operations

Atlantic Explorer is owned and operated by ASU BIOS as a general purpose oceanographic research vessel designed for both short and extended cruises. Delivered to us in 2006, the 170' Atlantic Explorer can carry a crew of 12 and a scientific party of 22 researchers, students, and technicians for up 28 days or 5500 nautical miles.

ASU BIOS is a UNOLS designated vessel operator for R/V Atlantic Explorer, which follows the UNOLS Research Vessel Safety Standards (RVSS), and is part of the U.S. Academic Research Fleet (U.S. ARF). The U.S. ARF is a sub-Fleet to the U.S Federal Oceanographic Fleet (which includes NOAA, U.S. Coast Ice Breakers, TAGS).

Facilities & Operations

Maintaining and operating a world-class oceanographic research vessel requires the dedication of a team of marine specialists and a variety of shore-side facilities.

Students have the opportunity to particpate in a research cruise on board the UNOLS research vessel Atlantic Explorer as part of the Modern Observational Oceanography course.

Vessel Specifications

BIOS marine warehouse.

Marine Facilities

Cruise Planning

Successful research cruises are built on a foundation of planning and personnel/equipment coordination. Chief scientists and scientific parties should use the resources in this section to ensure their research programs are well-organized and properly documented.


Cruise Schedule


Forms, Diagrams & Documents


Cruise Planning

fume hood in the lab

Safety and Inclusivity Resources

Research Projects

Since its arrival, R/V Atlantic Explorer has supported a variety of research projects that span the oceanographic sciences.


Project Information