Hydrostation ‘S’ Turns 70

11 Jun 2024

Located southeast of Bermuda, Hydrostation ‘S’—a set of unmarked geographic coordinates (32 degrees 10 minutes North, 64 degrees 30 minutes West)—has yielded measurements of temperature, dissolved oxygen, salinity and other parameters every two weeks for seven decades.

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Helping Corals Thrive in Warmer Waters: New Study Explores the Value of Artificial Upwelling

10 Jun 2024

Three-year study seeks to evaluate the potential of artificial upwelling and identify depth and intensity scenarios that mitigate coral bleaching effectively with minimal risk of unwanted side effects.

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ASU BIOS celebrates World Ocean Day by honoring BIOS’s 120 years of marine research

09 Jun 2024

Plus, ASU BIOS announces new scholarship opportunities for Bermuda students.

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ASU BIOS Celebrates World Ocean Day with an Open House

08 Jun 2024

BIOS hosts a symposium, community reception, and open house to honor World Ocean Day and celebrate over 120 years of marine research.

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ASU offers degrees to shape thriving ocean futures

28 May 2024
CTD samples on R/V Atlantic Explorer

College of Global Futures launches undergraduate, graduate degrees within School of Ocean Futures

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Scientist Paper Highlights Need for More International Policy Focus on the Air-Ocean Nexus

30 Apr 2024
Aboard the RV Atlantic Explorer

The collection of research aims to evaluate air-sea exchange science, identify future research paths, and uncover new opportunities for collaboration, technology, and discovery.

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Bermuda Hurricane Model Expands to the Caribbean

29 Apr 2024
Image of Hurricane Fiona path

Research demonstrates the greater relevance of upper-ocean temperatures versus sea-surface temperatures alone in the prediction of hurricane intensity.

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Capt. John W. Moore, In Memoriam

25 Mar 2024
John Moore

With sadness, the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences (ASU BIOS) has received news of the passing of our Advisory Board Member, Capt. John W. Moore.

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230 Students Successfully Complete The Climate Classroom

18 Mar 2024

Students return for the Climate Classroom, an immersive STEM training program designed for M2s, that included a climate change themed quest, hands-on laboratory training and virtual reality experiences.

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Ground Truthing for NASA – ASU BIOS Selected to Validate Satellite Measurements of Plankton and Ocean Illuminance

29 Feb 2024

ASU BIOS leads two of the research teams in NASA PACE validation process; measuring light entering and leaving the ocean surface and counting and characterizing plankton that make up the surface of the ocean over three annual cycles.

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