Capt. John W. Moore, In Memoriam

25 Mar 2024
John Moore

With sadness, the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences (ASU BIOS) has received news of the passing of our Advisory Board Member, Capt. John W. Moore.

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230 Students Successfully Complete The Climate Classroom

18 Mar 2024

Students return for the Climate Classroom, an immersive STEM training program designed for M2s, that included a climate change themed quest, hands-on laboratory training and virtual reality experiences.

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Ground Truthing for NASA – ASU BIOS Selected to Validate Satellite Measurements of Plankton and Ocean Illuminance

29 Feb 2024

ASU BIOS leads two of the research teams in NASA PACE validation process; measuring light entering and leaving the ocean surface and counting and characterizing plankton that make up the surface of the ocean over three annual cycles.

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Dr. Fred T. Mackenzie, In Memoriam

01 Feb 2024
Fred MacKenzie

With sadness, the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences has received news of the passing of Life Trustee, Dr. Fred T. Mackenzie.

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Canary in the Coal Mine: How One Small Island Became the Face of Bermuda’s Changing Climate

22 Jan 2024

Charles Island is one of a group of small, uninhabited islands that form a broken chain across the southern side of Castle Harbour. At least, for now it is one island — pretty soon it is likely to be two.

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Atlantic Ocean near Bermuda is warmer and more acidic than ever, 40 years of observation show

15 Dec 2023

Oceans are constantly changing. These changes don’t only affect marine life but also have wide-reaching consequences for land dwellers. To document them, monitoring stations in the North Atlantic Ocean have been active for decades. Now, researchers have reported on the latest changes, showing that compared to 40 years ago, the ocean near the island of Bermuda is warmer, saltier, more acidic, and has lost oxygen. Long-term monitoring can provide information about existential challenges societies will face in the near future, the researchers said.

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New Collaborative Rhizaria Research Project Underway

12 Dec 2023

Researchers are seeking to fill the gaps of knowledge through a new three-year National Science Foundation-funded study about the role of Rhizaria in global geochemical cycling

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CedarBridge Academy Senior School Students Dive into the World of Zooplankton and Food Webs Through Signature Learning Partnership

10 Dec 2023

Successful Signature Discovery Days event guides career exploration for students with community and business support

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ENCORE – A Step on the Path Toward More Resilient Corals

26 Oct 2023

The ENCORE project (Enhancing Coral Resilience Against Climate Warming) at ASU BIOS is adding to scientific knowledge about how human intervention might give corals a leg up in their struggle to succeed in warmer waters

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ASU BIOS Hosts an Interdisciplinary Workshop on the Impacts of Increased Wildfires on the Ocean and other Earth Systems

26 Oct 2023
SOLAS FLARE workshop

Scientists, artists, and communicators gathered to share ideas and plan future efforts to improve the understanding of wildfires and their impacts on oceans and other global environments, including society during a workshop

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