Safety and Inclusivity Resources



BIOS is committed to the health, safety and wellbeing of all staff, students and visitors. To support our community wellbeing we have a set of policies and procedures related to various activities and hazards associated with working at BIOS. Please use these to ensure a safe and inclusive working environment, and to plan a successful and productive field experience in Bermuda.

BIOS Safety Policies and Procedures

BIOS Reporting Forms

ASU Field Safety Resources

Emergency Contacts

To report an emergency, call 911


Airport Police Station

1 (441) 293-1940


Southside Police Station

1 (441) 293-2222


Hamilton Police Station

1 (441) 247-1704


Hamilton Fire Station

1 (441) 292-5555


BIOS non-medical emergency response

1 (441) 300-1880


Lab Operations Manager

R/V Atlantic Explorer

1 (441) 297-1880 x205


Small boats and dock


Health and safety questions or concerns


Safety support for faculty and staff


BIOS information 


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