Fee Schedule and Information

Fee Schedule

Visiting Education Group Daily Rate - $210 per person/night

Fees include accommodation, daily meals, WiFi, and lecture/conference room space, lab space & equipment. Lecture rooms and lab space must be scheduled in advance. We require one group leader per 6 students for high school age groups and one group leader per 10 students for college age groups. The daily rate is 50% for one group leader with every 10 fee-paying participants.

BIOS Staff Rates for giving lectures/labs and for guiding field trips:

ASU BIOS procedures dictate one swimming adult for every 8 students for all in-water activities. An ASU BIOS guide is required for all first in-water activities within each schedule. First-time groups will receive planning help from the Education Office: alex.merkle@bios.asu.edu

$200 per lecture/lab

$228 per field trip

Please note that some field trips may require staff assistance. First-time groups will receive planning help from the Education Office: OceanAcademy@bios.asu.edu

Boats & Bus


Henry M. Stommel: 30 people max., 20 max. including SCUBA

Rumline: 30 people max. including SCUBA

Hourly Rate: $302 / hour

Overtime: $371 / hour

Half-day Rate: $715 / half-day (3.5 hours)

Overtime: $878 / half-day

Daily Rate: $1,430 / per day (7 hours, Monday to Friday)

Bus - 28 people max.

Daily Rate: $750

Half-day Rate: $375 / half-day (3.5 hours)

Hourly Rate (1 hour minimum): $155 / hour

Overtime: $233 / hour

Reservations, Payment & Travel Information

Reservation & Deposits

Reservations are confirmed after receipt of booking deposit. Deposits of $200/person are required 4 months in advance.


A final invoice will be emailed to the group leader after departure from BIOS once all usage charges have been verified by the accounts department. Payment can be made by U.S. check or via ACH bank transfer (BIOS banking details will be on the invoice). Prices are quoted in U.S. Dollars. The Bermuda Dollar exchange rate is currently 1 to 1 USD.

Cancellation Charges

Groups must cancel at least 4 months prior to arrival to avoid forfeiture of deposit. Cancellations for boat, bus or truck must be made at least 48 hours (Monday through Friday) in advance or there will be a minimum charge of 1 hour.

Passport & Visa Requirements

Passports are required for persons entering Bermuda. See https://www.gov.bm/department/immigration for visa controlled countries and http://bermuda.visahq.com/ for instructions on applying for entry visas. In advance of arrival on the island, Bermuda Immigration must approve all business stays & visits longer than 90 days. Additionally, flights to/from Bermuda through the U.S., Canada or U.K. must follow the regulations of those countries. All immigration/travel rules are subject to change, please verify information prior to traveling.

Insurance & Waivers

BIOS insurance does not cover visitors, non-BIOS personnel or personal equipment. You must provide your own insurance for health, accident, theft, equipment damage, liability, etc. All visitors are required to sign a BIOS release and assumption of risk waiver.

On Arrival

1) Meet the BIOS Housing and Reservations Manager at Wright Hall. Groups will be given their keys and will receive an orientation and a tour of the facilities.

2) Confirm lab, bus, boat and truck bookings. See Cancellation Charges, if applicable.

3) Meet with Education team for a tour and lecture confirmation.

Library & Internet

The BIOS library is open during the day. Visitors are encouraged to bring their own laptops to take advantage of our complimentary WiFi which is available campus-wide.


Tee-shirts are available for sale in Reception.


Visiting Educational Groups may store up to 4’ x4’ x4’ in the workshop for $75 / year.

Education Office

Please contact our Education Office to plan your program.

Contact: Alex Merkle
Email: alex.merkle@bios.asu.edu
Telephone: 441-297-1880 ext 239

Reception & Reservation Office

Please contact our Reservation Office to inquire about availability.

Contact: Jane Burrows
Email: jane.burrows@bios.asu.edu
Telephone: 441-297-1880 ext 102


Program Contact

Alexandra Merkle
Science Education Coordinator

Tel: 441-297-1880 x239


Jane Burrows
Accommodation and Catering Manager

Tel: 441-297-1880 x102


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