Scott Laboratory

Located on the BIOS waterfront adjacent to the Dive Locker and Clark Lab, the Scott Laboratory has been an integral part of BIOS education and research since its construction in 1977. The lab provides numerous resources that allow students and teachers to take full advantage of educational and research opportunities at BIOS. A classically-equipped teaching lab, the Scott Laboratory houses the following:

  • wet bench with seawater hookup;
  • compound and dissecting microscopes;
  • spectrophotometer;
  • fume hood;
  • centrifuges;
  • specimen collection;
  • computers;
  • library of local flora/fauna identification books;
  • video playback for coral transects and point count.

In addition, the Scott Lab also features an outdoor facility that provides students with a work area for experimental setup, specimen holding, and ongoing research.  This wet bench includes three wet benches, 15 seawater hookups, and space for tanks, heaters, and accessories.  There are also six larger tanks alongside the front of the lab routinely used to house larger organisms for both educational and research purposes.