Grant Provides New Equipment for On-shore Analyses at BIOS

A scientist stands near a piece of equipment in a lab at BIOS

Tools of the trade: thermocyclers, like the one used by BIOS scientist Leo Blanco-Bercial shown above, enable scientists to target and amplify specific genetic sequences of interest, whether those sequences originate from the tiniest plankton or the biggest fish on a reef. The new Molecular Multi-User Facility will have similar instruments to facilitate molecular work for ocean ecology

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Some of our Achievements in 2012

R/V Atlantic Explorer

Thanks to your support in 2012, scientists at BIOS were able to make significant strides in understanding pressing ocean science issues of both local and global importance. At the same time, BIOS educators successfully brought ocean science education into the hands of students and teachers throughout Bermuda and beyond its borders

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What Can Sea Urchins Tell Us About Aging?

Andrea Bodnar

In the first study of its kind to look at age-related changes in gene expression in an organism with an alternative life history, Drs. Jeanette Loram and Andrea Bodnar looked at gene expression profiles in tissues of the purple sea urchin

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