Mesocosm Facility

Constructed in 2018, the purpose-built mesocosm facility provides scientists with an opportunity to conduct manipulative experimentation using continuous flow-through seawater under near-natural conditions that are open to sunlight and air. There are several experimental flumes and aquaria that can be run simultaneously and are designed with the potential to manipulate a range of environmental factors, such as temperature, light, flow rate, pH, and nutrients. Originally constructed for thermal stress experiments, the mesocosm facility provides for a replicated and robust experimental design that is ideal for research on a variety of topics, such as eco-physiology, reproduction and spawning, biological recovery, and ecosystem resilience.

The BIOS mesocosm facility contains:

  • 4 large (1200-litre) flow-through flume systems
  • 8 square (400-litre) flow-through aquaria
  • 2 header tanks filled with filtered seawater via a pumping system that is then delivered to the flumes and aquaria as required
  • Adjustable flow rates to each flume and aquaria
  • Roof-top shading that is removable if full sunlight is required
  • Screen cloths to manipulate light levels to individual flumes/aquaria
  • Electrical connections
  • Fresh-water hose
  • Air-conditioned trailer with sink and bench space for on-site experimentation, analysis and storage
  • Heater/chiller combinations with apex temperature controllers (available at additional cost)

Facility Contact

Dr. Samantha de Putron
Associate Scientist/Assistant Director of University Programs/Senior Lecturer
Tel: 441-297-1880 x250


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