Environmental Quality Program

The BIOS Environmental Quality Program (EQP) includes facilities for both atmospheric sampling and environmental analytic chemistry.

Atmospheric Sampling

  • Custom-built field laboratory at Fort Prospect, Bermuda
  • High volume total suspended particle (TSP) samplers - Tisch Environmental, Inc.
  • High volume PM10 samplers - Tisch Environmental, Inc.
  • High volume PUF samplers for semi-volatile organic compounds - Tisch Environmental, Inc.
  • Continuous TSP monitor - DustScan Sentinel Model 3030 Aerosol Monitor, Rupprecht and Patashnick
  • Continuous PM2.5 monitor - TEOM (Tapered Element Oscillating Micro-balance), Rupprecht and Patashnik
  • Continuous NOx monitor - Model 200E Chemiluminescence NOAnalyzer, Teledyne-API
  • Continuous SO2 monitor - Model 100E UV Fluorescence SOAnalyzer, Teledyne-API
  • Model 8832 Data System Controller - ESC
  • Meteorological Instrumentation - RM Young
  • Aerosol filter sampling (custom built)
  • Automatic Wet/Dry Precipitation Samples - Loda/Aerochem Metrics
  • 23m walk-up sampling tower at Tudor Hill, Bermuda

Environmental Analytical Chemistry

  • Gas chromatograph-mass spectrometer - Agilent 6890GC/5973MSD + autosampler
  • Accelerated solvent extractor - Dionex ASE300
  • Soxhlet extraction system
  • Solid phase micro-extraction (SPME)
  • Solid phase extraction (SPE)
  • Atomic absorption/emission spectrometer - Perkin Elmer AAnalyst 800 (flame and graphite furnace)
  • Ion chromatograph - Dionex DX100 + autosampler
  • Large volume solvent concentrator - Zymark TurboVap II
  • Small volume solvent concentrator - Techne Sample Concentrator
  • Constant temperature/humidity chamber for conditioning filters for gravitmetric determination
  • 4- and 5-place analytical balances
  • Reverse osmosis and Milli-Q water systems

Facility Contact

Dr. Andrew Peters
Director of University Programs & Associate Scientist
Tel: 441-297-1880 x240