Educator Workshops at BIOS

June 18 - 22, 2024

This Educator Workshop offers pre-service, middle and high school teachers, curriculum specialists, administrators, and informal educators the opportunity to learn how to plan and execute future educational field study courses for their students at BIOS. Up to 12 participants will take part in this educational workshop and explore themes for potential future visiting groups such as:

  • An introduction to technology that is utilized by BIOS scientists to study the ocean (e.g. Slocum gliders)
  • Lab and field activities centered on the tools and techniques of oceanography and marine science (e.g. coral reef snorkel)
  • Island ecology and restoration (e.g. Nonsuch Island)
  • Bermuda and its close ties to U.S. history (e.g. St. George’s)
  • Historic scientific exploration in Bermuda (e.g. William Beebe)

During the 4-night, 5-day workshop at BIOS, attendees will be provided with an overview of local attractions and the way in which these can be integrated into future educational experiences for students. Participants will explore Whalebone Bay, Cooper’s Island, and Fort St. Catherine, and highlights such as Nonsuch Island, the beautiful North Rock, the city of Hamilton, and the Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo. Participants will get to know local Bermudian terminology, get a unique perspective on the historic town of St George’s, and learn more about the geography of Bermuda.

Participants are welcome to stay extra nights at BIOS after the course for the nightly rate, plus any required meals and can contact Alex Merkle to book additional nights.

The application deadline for this workshop is April 19, 2024, and all applicants will be notified by April 30. The tuition fee is due by May 3, 2024.

Enrollment for this educational workshop is limited to 12 participants, tuition fee is $1,500.

The 2024 Educator Training Workshop application form can be found here