Hurricane Wind Speed Can Predict Economic Losses

Hurricane Isaac

Using more than a century of data, Rick Murnane, Risk Prediction Institute (RPI) Project Manager and Senior Research Scientist at BIOS, and his co-author uncovered a simple—but surprisingly robust—method of estimating losses

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(Re)Insurance Companies Use RPI2.0 Workshop Proceedings as Industry Reference

In March of this year, the newly christened Risk Prediction Initiative (RPI) 2.0 hosted a workshop on the medium-term outlook for the frequency of hurricane landfalls in the RMS v11.0 risk model. According to this model, the computed risk for hurricanes over the medium-term (next 5 years) increased more than 100% in some regions, which forces insurance companies to hold more capital

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Risk Prediction Initiative 2.0 Hosts RMS Conference

Falk Niehörster

Over the past 16 years, RPI has formed an extensive network of world-renowned climate scientists who have used their expertise in areas such as climate change, ocean currents, and ocean-atmosphere interactions to more accurately estimate the frequency and intensity of natural catastrophes. Combined with more than a decade of experience regarding the needs of the (re)insurance industry, RPI stands as one of the major players in science-based risk prediction for the (re)insurance industry

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