Rory O’Connell


Rory was born in Jamaica to Irish parents who moved home to Ireland when he was 6. Those formative years proved to fuel his passion for the oceans and influence both his professional and personal life.

He attended the National University of Ireland, Galway where he graduated in 2008 with a B.Sc. in Marine Science. He subsequently gained research and industry experience before obtaining his M.Sc. in Applied Marine Science in 2012 at Plymouth University. Rory then spent 5 years working for a marine survey company based out of the UK as a Senior Metocean Scientist. Their client base was primarily the oil and gas industry but also renewable energy developers and environmental agencies.

Rory decided to move away from industry and, in December 2017, joined BIOS  as a Marine Science Technician on R/V Atlantic Explorer where his responsibilities range from overseeing deck operations to troubleshooting issues with data acquisitions systems.

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Rory O’Connell

OTS Manager