Hannah obtained her B.A. in marine science from Boston University in 2013. She spent the last few years in Corvalis, Oregon at Oregon State University, where she completed her M.S. in marine resource management in 2018, studying the potential for Dungeness crab and red abalone adapation to ocean acidification and hypoxia in the California Current. She is currently a research technician for Amy Maas and Leocadio Blanco-Bercial in the Zooplankton Ecology Lab where she will be working on questions regarding zooplankton ecology, physiology, and transcriptonomics, as well as how that information can shape and refine understanding of biogeochemical cycling and the projected impacts of climate change. She will be working with both the EXPORTS and BIOS-SCOPE projects and helping to manage the lab space. In addition to her scientific background, Hannah is also an AAUS certified diver and a PADI dive instructor.

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Hannah Gossner

Research Technician