Jace Innis


Jace served in the US Navy for four years aboard the USS Howard, taking on roles such as gauge calibration petty officer, work center supervisor, and fire team leader. After an honorable discharge, he graduated with honors in Marine Science from California State University at Monterey Bay in 2022. During his studies, Jace was a teaching assistant in the statistics department and engaged in various research projects, including developing a genome classification algorithm at Bigelow Marine Labs, and training a deep learning model for harmful algal bloom prediction.

Jace now serves as a Marine Science Technician aboard the R/V Atlantic Explorer with ASU BIOS. He is passionate about studying phytoplankton, particularly coccolithophores, and is currently working on a deep learning model for phytoplankton prediction in the Philippines. Jace is excited to immerse himself in the culture of Bermuda and connect with the BIOS community.

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Jace Innis

Marine Science Technician